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Support Services

Support Services

Sometimes as outsiders, JWS can have a more objective view of business system issues. We're often asked to support systems to give an alternative view and to help the business move its systems forwards.

Support services are an expanding part of our business representing a large part of our annual workload. This growth has been seen in recent years as organisations realise that there's a big benefit to a 'fresh pair of eyes' looking at their systems. Added to this, you have regular and easy access to JWS as business advisors with telephone support.

Our support services are tailored to your specific requirements. We discuss your requirements and allocate resources to these requirements. This can range from individual days to many days of support completing many different types of activity. All of our supported clients enjoy telephone support. Where we can we'll try and help with simple matters over the telephone.

The list below details some of the support services we offer.

  • Internal Auditing (both Quality and Environmental)

  • Supplier Auditing (both Quality and Environmental)

  • Management system review (attending/chairing/taking minutes depending on client requirements)

  • Detailed data analysis for identifying potential improvements

  • Document change and control

  • Dealing with Assessing Bodies and attending regular surveillance visits

  • Assistance with Customer compliance audits/requirements

  • Customer satisfaction surveys (telephone, postal and perception)

  • Review and updating risk assessments

  • Review and updating environmental aspects and impact documents

  • Review and interpretation of new and amended legislation

As you can see from the list above there are many services that you can access. Our support contracts will focus on the areas you want to target. We'll produce a project specific pricing based on these requirements.