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JWS Solutions provide a personal, professional and flexible service and have experience in a broad range of service, manufacturing and commercial industries. We are proud of our reputation for providing a practical, pragmatic and cost effective service in a personal and professional manner. Our credentials are based on many years of successful management support services in the manufacturing, commercial and service sectors.

Our services are extremely flexible in approach, working with your organisation to achieve your objectives within a specified time scale, utilising professional advisors who are matched specifically to your requirements, based on experience to effect a timely result.

Some of our clients are listed below:

  • SCA Cool Logistics Ltd
  • Characters Signs
  • Ceema Technology
  • Multispark Erosion Ltd
  • Multishape Metalcraft
  • ClearView Communications Ltd
  • Ultratech
  • Wentworth Laboratories Ltd
  • CAPS Cases
  • Beacon International Ltd
  • Routeco
  • MacAir
  • A One Precision
  • Mazuma Mobile Ltd
  • Kenametal Extrude Hone
  • Kershaw group
  • BTR International
  • Auckland Construction Ltd
  • Dataflow Peripherals
  • Stratech Scientific Ltd
  • Arrow Supply Co. Ltd
  • Premier Moves
  • RST Engineering Ltd
  • Filcris Ltd
  • Amethyst Designs Ltd
  • RDR Aerospace
  • Abdex Hose & Coupling Ltd
  • Vision Instruments
  • Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd
  • NanoPore Insulation Ltd
  • Zepbrook Ltd
  • Innosil
  • SOS Direct Ltd
  • James Stewart Printing
  • Direct Telecom
  • Draincare Services Ltd