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From 9001 via 14001 and on to becoming an integral part of the team

Pop open a piece of electronic equipment manufactured in Britain today and the chances are you will find a transformer or coil made by Amethyst Designs. Customers cover industry sectors such as military, aerospace, medical, transport and Government Research. Operating out of its Cambridge base Amethyst continues to build on the solid foundation set up by the company's founders.

For JWS Solutions work with Amethyst started in January 2003 with a brief to convert the existing text based system into flow chart format. The project went well and when the desire to become registered to 14001 became a reality it was again JWS that the management of Amethyst turned to for assistance.

The second generation of Amethyst Directors, Paul Wealleans and Andrew Greavett have kept a relationship with us right from those early days.

Initially providing just internal auditing services, as the company has continued to expand so has the role for JWS Solutions. In 2007 we provided the assistance for the modernisation of the Health and Safety system and this has now been added to the support role we have.

Visits are made once a month where the consultant fulfils the role of surrogate Manager for the quality, environmental and health and safety system. The work encompasses audits, management reviews, control of the various registers used to control the environmental and health and safety systems and provides attendance at the annual surveillance visits by their assessing body. Mutual trust has enabled the relationship to flourish to a point where now JWS are an integral part of the Amethyst Team.

dataflow peripherals limited

Ground up three standard integrated management system.

Dataflow Peripherals Ltd is probably the largest Dell Spare Parts supplier in Europe. Providing a telephone and online ordering service for Dell parts in a quick and simple manner. In the unlikely event that the part is not currently in stock, the sales team do all they can to try to find the Dell parts needed.

The project brief was clear, design and assist in the implementation of an integrated management system that was simple to view, simple to understand and that would be an effective management tool for the business.

General Manager Barry Ovenden made it clear from the outset that this should not be a badge exercise, it needed to work for the company. We proposed the use of simple to follow process flows which would be made available to all employees across the internal network system. These process flows were created by our consultant in collaboration with Dataflow employees. The resulting system was concise, easy to follow and totally integrated system covering 9001, 14001 and 18001.

Although some organisations would be fearful of attempting three registrations in one go, Dataflow were confident that the system was an accurate reflection of their business and that with the ongoing support throughout the process by our consultant that there was nothing to fear. The registrations were gained at the first attempt to all three standards using the highly regarded Assessing Body NQA.

Registration is not the end though; this project delivered a functional tool for managing all elements of the Dataflow Peripherals Business.

macair fmi

Successful integration of new systems within existing process flow.

Macair fmi Limited is dedicated to designing, building and caring for the environments in which people work. From their roots in installing specialised air conditioning systems for the aerospace industry Macair fmi has developed into one of the most highly-regarded facilities maintenance and installation contractors in the South East of England.

The project brief for JWS was to assist Macair with documenting and implementing a quality and environmental integrated management system compliant with ISO9001 and ISO14001. The project also included support leading up to and including the two stage assessment process.

The project consisted of a combination of simultaneous projects:

1. a complete review of the company management procedures to ensure compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001,

2. whilst looking for business improvement opportunities along the way.

It was agreed at an early stage that the system would be created using simple to follow process flows which would be made available to all employees across the internal network system. These process flows were created by our consultant in collaboration with Macair employees. The resulting system was concise, easy to follow and totally integrated in an homogeneous flow.

The whole project went very smoothly with all members of the team embracing the project with enthusiasm which resulted in the assessment process going smoothly and fast. Registration was granted straight away to both standards using the highly regarded Assessing Body NQA.


Audits, Reviews and combined knowledge.

JWS Solutions were approached by the Routeco Financial Director, Sean Evans, in early 2008 as the organisation wanted to outsource various activities from their quality system. The management team had realised that their certificated quality system had become a burden instead of a management tool and recognised that external expertise was the way forward.

As a multi-branch organisation with sites all over the country the first task was to contact their assessing body and to work with them in planning the next three years worth of branch and headquarters visits. We then combined this with the internal audits and developed a planning matrix to ensure all of the sites get both an assessing body visit and an internal audit but never both in the same year. This reduces the burden on the branches that for obvious reasons do not have an excess of staff.

Once we had cleared through old corrective actions and started the pattern of audits and visits it became clear that some elements of their system were hard to implement and in places the text based system was difficult to understand.

We provided a detailed proposal and a mock up to explain the changes we believed would benefit the organisation and once given the go ahead the modernisation of the system began.

Now in a much simplified form, the new flow chart based system covers the branch and headquarters interactions and provides targeted documentation for both branch and headquarters activities.

The network based system now brings all issues into one combined open access document that enables each branch to review the actions taken and examine their own approach and install preventive action where needed.