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ISO14001 Environmental Management

Environment Management

Today, more and more organisations are faced with questions about their approach to the environment and sustainability. This is often seen in pre qualification or tender documents and although not all organisations use these as part of their selection process for a supplier, we are aware that most are now considering the environment as part of the selection process.

This presents a negative picture with suppliers forced to wear the cost of yet another system or registration but this misses the real point, the potential savings of adopting an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO14001 will in most cases cover the costs of implementation within the first few years. Birmingham City Council, Oxfordshire County Council and the City of Coventry conducted a pilot study involving small businesses. The results were surprising, almost all of the companies involved identified operating savings as a result of the EMS implementation process and the majority realised savings that were both economically and environmentally significant, with a rapid pay-back of the resource involved.

Unfortunately many organisations create pollution and emissions that they're unaware of and therefore likely targets for prosecution. An EMS will identify these areas, enable the creation of control mechanisms and therefore help avoid prosecution.

As a recognised organisation, with network support and many years of experience of management systems, JWS will work closely with you to examine your existing working practices and then develop and document an effective Environmental Management System to suit your needs and requirements. There are various aspects involved in a successful implementation and JWS will guide you through these critical stages and help you document your environmental system. JWS typically produce the system documents in flow diagrams as they are simple to follow and audit.

Since 2000 ISO14001 and ISO9001 have been very closely aligned making it much easier to integrate the two together and produce one effective management system tool.

JWS provides all types of training, consulting and support assistance to companies wishing to develop systems in compliance with ISO14001.